BecomeUseful Is...

...a group of artists formed by founding members of Soi Transnational. It works to develop methods to producepresent and promote creative works by actively doing all three.  From conception, through production and finally reception we record our process and present what we learn as case studies. 

Artists often work within communities, cultures and collaborative environments that are not supportive. We strive to help artists identify their challenges and organize to face them. Whatever you create, we want to share methods that help you iterate, collaborate, reflect on your process and make more of what you love.

Soi developed a simple structure for organizing creative individuals into effective and supportive groups, called pods. BecomeUseful is the first official pod, sometimes referred to as Soi Zero. As much a philosophy as it is an organization Soi developed a series of principles and methods to support creativity. We are here to field test those principles and apply those methods. Let's see what we can create.