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J. Sal

From a Neurological Evaluation:

On physical examination, he looks trim. He is well-dressed. He is in fact extremely neatly dressed. His movements are measured. His speech is quite formal. He looks a bit tense. He does in fact give a vague impression that he is compulsive...

He is very eloquent. He is very friendly and cooperative. He has no significant asymmetries. His pulses are normal, including carotids. His skin is devoid of marks. His head is normal. He has no deformities.

Jill J - 2017.jpg


She Rarely Answers the Phone:

Puppeteer, theatrical engineer, builder, baker and fabrication maker, Jill.J is a swiss army knife of creative usefulness.

Being entirely introverted and cerebral, she finds that her connections are best maintained through distant communications, brief blog posts or email.

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Petra D

Correspondent Foreign and Domestic:

Petra D is a writer, researcher, mother and lover of unusual souls. A founding member of the journal Parasol she has interviewed some of the most unique individuals in the most outlandish of circumstances. She has also been at the front lines of cultural and political changes in Central Europe.